A Brief History

In 1946, immediately after the WW2, the British Govt under PM Clement Attlee, embarked on a doomed scheme to cultivate 150000 acres of Groundnuts in the British trusteeship of Tanganyika to alleviate the shortage of cooking oil in Europe.

They chose the Kongwa area, (Dodoma District) for this scheme and sent thousands of ex-soldiers there to establish the project. For further reading on the Scheme, google “Tanganyika Groundnut Scheme”.

In 1947 the Rover Company built the first Prototype Land Rover. In 1948 they needed to test the suitability of their new Land Rover prototypes in hot, dusty conditions before signing off into production. They chose the Groundnut Scheme in Central Tanganyika as a suitable project/location for this purpose.

Approximately 4 (out of a planned 50) pre-production prototypes were shipped out to Tanganyika and sent to the Groundnut Scheme in Kongwa for testing and evaluation. Clearly, they passed with flying colours…