4th June – 4 weeks to go. Some news on Nodd…not sure what Sim’s been doing. Yep, she’s been called Noddy/Nodd since day one in 1989.

Canvas hood’s off right now – and she looks a whole lot better. Would love to go like this but our kit will get nicked. So Canvas tilt it shall be.

Windscreen’s been removed for re-glazing. The old job was badly done and was de-laminating.

Seatbelts are fitted – and work well. That’ll keep the traffic police at bay.

She goes in tomorrow  for a back diff adjustment/setting.

While the Hood’s off, I’ll be fitting extra straps for fastening down the door tops onto the roof. Only real place for them.

Jerry-can holders fitted and seem to work fine.

Aluminium bin system (4 lockable compartments) have been in for a while – for clothes and nosh.

Driver and passenger seat bases are from my 130 Defender – modified to fit into the holes on the seat base. Still need access to fuel tank and lockable bin. They’re much more comfortable than the originals – those will stay at home.

What still needs to be done…Plenty.

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