Ok, so we’re now a month to go before we are to depart, and things are heating up a bit. Trev and I plot in dark corners, covering each others lies on what the gadgets we are buying for the trip actually cost, versus the “tell your wife cost.”
Maps are purchased and eagerly pored over, aluminium safe boxes with multiple locks to stop eager local hands exploring their contents are ordered.
Trev goes for jerry cans on the bumper – I go for a rear bench mounted custom made 3CR 12 model . Mine holds 20L more. Trev accuses me of wanting to leave him stranded, engine gasping, while I motor happily on, spare unused litres sloshing around.
I try to make a pre – trip arrangement that what is mine is mine. He retaliates, reminding me that the fridge in his vehicle will retain it’s liquids as tightly as my tank will…
Time to shift to more neutral subjects, I invite him to admire my newly fitted USB recharger jacks, waiting for approval tinged with jealousy.
He flips the rubber lid, and sneers, insinuating wordlessly that his is better. I bristle, and demand to see his…..

We look at tyres, who will get the first puncture, inflatable beds, which are the most comfortable, cookers, I favour modern gas, Trev still stuck in 1949, favours paraffin, I argue, “too inconvenient, too cumbersome, “
he shoots back
‘If you want convenience let’s stay at home’.

We wrap up the meeting

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