21 days to go and counting…

As Simon says – last Friday night was an interesting “planning” meeting. I never “planned” to drink that much Whizzo and he didn’t “plan” to leave the next morning with a Hangover.

The route North is still hanging….Mapai to Massangena, Espungabera onward to Chimoio or Mapai to Vilanculo onward to Chimoio…We’ve got feelers out and waiting for some”Int” on roads, bridges etc after the destruction caused by Cyclone Idai.

Whichever way we get to Chimoio, a compulsory visit to Gorongosa is essential. From there, onward to Caia on the Zambezi and then to Malawi. The Going Nuts saga continues….More work on the car – rear diff set now, just sorting the rear brakes (problems which came to light when checking the diffs) and then re-set right front Swivel pins. Oh, and the Carnet has been sorted…and we now have a 1949 Land Rover with a 12v Port and USB charger….for Bluetooth music and a Freezer. My, my…how the modern world encroaches.

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