We are now seeing who will go bankrupt first, new tyres – state of the art airless mattresses, pop up tents. Kinetic snatch straps , hi lift jacks,and we are having a mad scramble to get ready.

It has occurred to me that a business class flight to Paris would be cheaper.

Trev sent me a blog from an earlier traveller who had taken 12 days to get to Gorongosa – we have allowed 3.

He had air conditioning,coil springs,and loads of packing space,and was proud to have done the trek in a 6 year old vehicle, ours are over 60…

Now that both of our wives have decided to come along, wine and whisky storage space has to be reallocated to 12v hair dryers and cosmetics… I observe with horror as Marika starts building a mountain of apparel in our spare bedroom.
‘What’s this?’ I squeak

Clint who works with me, generously gave me a rat pack from the US military, a full days rations for a G.I, but just for one G.I.

Can’t wait to send the news to Trev, who is a lover of all things military.
He goes green with jealousy.

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