I think the correct term is “smug bastard”….That’s what I’ve been for the past 6 months watching Simon frantically rebuild his gearbox, axles, engine. paint the car and make a hood. etc etc….All the while I’ve sat back with a glass of the pale stuff close at hand offering weak advice.

Until last Monday.

A simple “Right side swivel pin adjustment” exposed a horror show of rusted bearings, grime and chaos inside both hubs and swivel housings. Ignorance WAS bliss….but 5 days later and all is overhauled and once again in top condition. Phew!!   Simon is now the audience – sipping his wine and offering sage advice..

A week to go – and all has now been checked and re-checked. It’s just the final “tweaking” now. Finding that last cubic inch of space for ANOTHER bottle of wine (or should that be OIL?)..

Route to Gorongosa via Espungabera checked and verified by “contacts”, Refueling points plotted, Bookings – the few we can do (Kruger & Gorongosa) sorted and camping gear packed and ready.

Roll on the 3rd….

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