Trev called last Saturday.
“Am popping into town, to give the car a run’ he said, he just wanting to check everything was ready for the 9000 km run to Tanzania and back.

An 80 km round trip seemed easy enough.

“Will stop by yours for a coffee”

Which he did, and a fine picture she looked too, edging up the driveway ,with all her safari gear on, jerry cans out front, winch rope threaded reassuringly around the front bumper, and spade fastened ostentatiously to the side.
Trev’s wife, Mary perched uncomfortably in the front also looked a fine picture, also cans out front, no rope though.

This was a vehicle in which clearly little could go wrong.

‘What’s this ?’ I asked stupidly as they left, pointing to an oil spill on the paving that would have had alarm bells ringing on the Exxon Valdez.

Unfazed Trev diagnosed it as a ‘weeping’ rear oil seal . I thought it looked more like an upside down Old Faithful geyser. He cheerily reassured me that he would carry 10 l of oil for the trip.

I did a quick calculation and concluded that would last about the first morning.

The next day brought more alarming news, best shown pictorially;

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