After a late camp setup at Mamba Camp, day three dawned to dusty cars and unwashed bodies. We broke camp and set off to Mapai to discover the campsite there is a lot better. Damn those last 20km we chose not to do. Crossed the Limpopo and set off East to Machaila in eager anticipation of the Save River crossing at Massangena. Now all along Simon has been blowing radiator water into his homemade expansion tank. This was then returned to the radiator….but the ever lurking sinking feeling of a cracked cylinder head or blown gasket was tightly kept on the back burner. Much to my disgust, 30 km down the road it was my generator that proved to be the excuse Simon needed to return to SA for running repairs. Problem was perhaps an over tensioned V-belt…but return we did….via Mapai to Pafuri gate. Decision time…..the rough roads of the Transfrontier Park have exposed minor weaknesses. These are not insurmountable…but must be dealt with before the epic continues.
It’s heartbreaking going southwards again to Phalaborwa..then new plans and a new route North via Botswana to Zambia..and on.

Image Source: Great Limpopo Transfontier Park


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