Minor Tune up
Early departure Punda Maria – destination Phalaborwa, where Bradley my equally demented Land Rover Mad son, has agreed to sacrifice his Sunday to do a 5 hour drive to supply us with a replacement generator for Trevor, and a gasket for me.

We check into a lodgings near the Kruger gate, chosen not for it’s comfort, but for the fact that it has a paved park area outside the chalet so that if we drop bits they don’t disappear.
We promptly recolour the paving from its very boring grey to a rich dark oil colour. Cylinder heads and generators come off at lightning speed and at exactly the right moment Bradley, now referred to as “The cavalry” arrives with the required spares, and a young pair of willing hands.

The repair is affected – Trevor’s son Craig suddenly springs to Whatsapp Life from his farm in Zambia, asking if we have torqued correctly – checked for warping, have we set tappets ? Bradley calls from his return journey, if the repair doesn’t work ,we can borrow his Series 2 .
has the world gone Nuts ??

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