The Moorings Campsite, Monze. …3 Land Rovers in camp…a TD5 fully kitted for camping, a Puma 110 with off-road Caravan for a family of 5 and a creaking Series 1 80″. We were off first, packing becoming an ever easier task.
The road north took us through Mazabuka sugar cane farmlands..we’d had enough of main tarmac with rumbling trucks to contend with. Then on through Kafue to Lusaka traffic mayhem on Lumumba road.
Destination was a farm to the North and the promise of cold beers and a Sunday roast. There we link up with our family in Chisamba for some well earned rest and repairs to the now unserviceable generator.

Monday 15 th July…Mary now in full revolt and I’m fast losing my last travelling companion. Repairs to the wayward dynamo well underway..removed from the car and off to Lusaka for the expert opinion of a local Auto electrician. I manage to borrow a similar unit from Fringilla’s old 1940’s roller, used to roll the local cricket pitch! This gives us temporary mobility to hop between family members. Time though, is marching on…what’s the plan?
Simon now in Kazangula and no longer part of the Trek…his thoughts clearly on Defender comfort and home.