Episode 1 drew to a close with Trev and his trusty 49er in Zambia, me in Kasane.

Repairs to man and machine ensued for several days, comfortable beds and cold beers steadily sapping our resolve.

When my spanners started calling me names I knew it was time to beat a strategic retreat.

Trev vowed to press on unaccompanied – Mary told him she would press on with proceedings to ensure he was unaccompanied for ever.

Finally we agreed to reconsider -Marika and I hopped into the beautiful ,comfortable airconditioned,dust free TD5 I had left in Kasane, routing back to Nelspruit 1100 km away via Hwange and Tuli Block.
Trev and Mary went to Lower Zambesi .
We didn’t speak for several days, and then the dreaded phone call.

‘Why don’t we regroup,repair and continue North in August ? After all both vehicles are resting in Zambia and Botswana,” Trev reasoned.

My blood ran cold – does he mean 2023 ?

I think not.

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