Trek on hold, we’re back in Hazyview.

After 10 days in Chisamba, we decide to head home on Friday 26th to dull normality and routine – I ran out of travelling companions.  Simon and Marik have beaten us back by 4 days. His car safely parked in Kazangula, engine problems temporarily solved and my car in the hands of Craig, my son on the farm, waiting for our return.

I have no intention of quitting – merely re-energising and re-organising my travelling companions for Part 2 of the trip.

Simon’s engine problem appears to be nothing more than vaporising fuel and a points gap – mine, a voltage regulator tweak to deal with higher voltage output and a stronger charge needed for the deep freeze.  Nothing serious.

Decision is made to continue North to Tanzania in September. The bigger problem however, is how to convince my mutinous travel companions and wife to join me….

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